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Random Break

I'm high on popcorn, gummy bears and chocolate(!) muffins *bounce* my sisters and I are having a Final Fantasy X and random movie night (now a short break cause we need new yummy food... ^-^) And damn, it's fun to have Girls Night *grins*

Anyway, I randomly stumbled over and randomly signed up there -> Mercy's random recent tracks Added it to my user info which I will redo this weekend in FF style just like my journal. Why? Cause I'm randomly bored out of my mind. The ebil virus may be gone but my stoopid nose bleeding is back *groans* tissues don't suit my room. No, no *glares at nose and gets all cross-eyed*

See ya, tomorrow or later or yesterday. Next is a round FF X followed by... Shrek I & II! *high Mercy skitters off*

And Mercy has no idea why she started talking of herself in third person...
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