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Mom and flash games...

Sadly she will probably never again play a flash game but I haven't give up hope *grins*

Me: Ohhh, I bet you will like it. From Space with Love
Mom: *eyebrow of doom* Really?
Me: 100 pro.
Mom: *sigh* ok, show me.
Me: *bounce* Here, look: Only use the arrow keys. And press Space to start.
Mom: Space? *awkward silence* That's the Space key? *points at left-click key*
Me: Ô_o how can you even use a pc?
Mom: *makes her famous dismissed gesture* not important. So where is it?
Me: That one. And with the other hand- what are you doing?!
Mom: Using the keys?
Me: With both hands? That's going to be... high traffic there. They will be in the way. Usually one uses only one hand and three fingers.
Mom: O_O
Me: *defensive* I do! And have no problems. See *shows and so rocks*
Mom: Well, I do it different *very self-confident*
Me: Ooookay... anyway, you have to move the flying saucer over a soldier, then it will be beamed up-
Mom: by Scotty?
Me: NO! This is not-
Mom: Stargate?
Me: *groan* Star Trek, mom, Star Trek!
Mom: And what is then Star Wars? (A/N: at that point we completely were off-topic)
Me: Star Wars - evil breathing can be heard and very pink lightsabers, Star Trek - nifty ears and Scotty-beam-me-ups, Stargate - wormholes, hot evil guys, Atlantis and male whoring. Gotcha?
Mom: Think so...
Me: Great, can we now please go back to the topic?
Mom: *eager nodding*
Me: Where was I? Ah, right, soldier-boy gets beamed up and as soon as the little figure at the bottom of the screen is all blue, you press Space *looks pointly* and voilà, you get a pacifist who really needs a haircut...
Mom: Love that one already.
Me: Told you *smug grin*
Mom: Ah, be careful, missy.
Me: *chokes* *eyes mom suspiciously* *coughs* let's... let's just start, ok?
Mom: Yeah *presses Space*

And then the fun started *giggle*

Mom: *using both hands on the arrow keys...* damnit...
Me: Left
Mom: argh...
Me: I said left
Mom: I. Know.
Me: now right and-
Mom: hey, don't move...
Me: Up! Upupupupupupupupupup! STOP!
Mom: why you little...

Game Over. You lost.

Me: Oops?
Mom: This game sucks big time. The UFO is way too slow.
Me: Right.
Mom: And the little guys move way too fast.
Me: Mmmmm
Mom: And I was always landing on the other side where all soldiers were already dead. Stupid.
Me: I see it the same.
Mom: You don't. Are you... you're laughing! *accusing finger off doom*
Me: *helpless giggle fit into pillow* I'm *giggle* I'm so sorry *snort* really.
Mom: I can see that *huffs*

Me: How about cars? Autobahn Game
Mom: Again arrow keys?
Me: Yup.
Mom: Space?
Me: Nope.
Mom: Ok.
Me: You just move your car to the left and right. Be fast or you crash.
Mom: Okies.
Me: Did you just say okies?
Mom: Nokies?
Me: *headdesk* I give up. Just drive.
Mom: Oki-
Me: *glares*
Mom: *beams* didn't say anything.
Me: Yeah, right. *presses start*
Mom: Ohhh, that eas-

Game over.

Me: *worst case of giggling and tears streaming down her face*
Mom: *sulks* Can we watch something? Please?
Me: Su-hu-re *giggle*

I really love my mom *clings* whatever happens, she is still laughing. Best. Day. Of. This. Week! *loves her mom*
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