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A crossover story

It's mylittleredgirl's fault. And now I'm thi thinking about writing a SG-1, SGA and X-Files crossover *headdesk*

The marble-hand shot out and gripped John's head.

"Oh my God, John! No!"
"Are you ok, John? Please, talk to me. John!"

"A so called 'Defender-Weapon'? You sure, Dannyboy?"

"Yes, the inscription say we need three people with the Ancient gene, yeah, they have to be 'soulbonded'."
"Dr. Weir, Major Sheppard? We discovered something disturbing!"
"Oh my God, what is it?"

"It looks like a... mix between a... Goaul'd and a Wraith ship. Did they tried to pimp their ride?"


"I thought it to be a legend. The 'Chimera' ships."
"Sirs, Ma'ams? There are two FBI agents waiting for you. A Agent Reyes and Agent Doggett. They say, it has to to with the Ancient."
"Ladies and Gentleman. We have a situation. A new kind of enemy has apperad. A mutant species, half Goaul'd, half Wraith.
Their new warship has set course to Earth!"

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