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Tagged to do some hot fictional figures...

...or something like that *bg* I was poked by _becca84_

List ten fictional figures you would have sex with (in no particular order)and tag 5 people to do the same.

1. Spike (Buffy) - bad boy and Billy Idol wanna-be. What can a girl want more?

2. Wolverine (X-Men) - not so bad but definitely wild and a girls wants some action once in a while...

3. Ronon (SGA) - again bad/not so bad and wild-ish. You see the pattern? I love his hair...

4. Rhade (Andromeda) - was bad, became good, met evil AU-version of himself, had a genetical twin some 300 years later and is hot.

5. Drake (Blade III) - *sigh* again bad guy and very hot...

6. John (SGA) - finally a good guy ;) And a hot one...

7. Lex (Smallville) - bad, good, who cares? It's the hair that counts *points at John* Or the lack of it... *giggle*

8. Sawyer (Lost) - what? He is a good guy. I know it. A hot badgood guy.

9. Robin (Batman) - heee, I have no idea why but I always preferred him. Okay, Batman is hot as well.

10. Baal (SG1) - aaaand we're back at the bad guy thing. Great. But he is hot *nods*

Weeeeell, I'm poking everyone *feels evil* cause we all need now some hot guy/girl dreams. So, go and do them, I mean tell us ^-^

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