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Sooooo if I had known that in less than 24 hours (since I opened the request post) 11 people want 12 layouts, I would have cloned myself at least twice... *squints* You guys have lots of trust in me to not screw up *hugs*

Anyway, I'm on picture hunt, sitting near the open door to our garden. Well, it's not really a garden, more like a... I don't really know what you can call it... *wonders* but what I know is that in a few minutes I will start to make it look 'good' again, meaning cutting some ivy and cleaning the flowerbed

Small but very relaxing cause you hear nearly no cars (each day we have less than 10 cars driving through our street) and you get the full sunpower *grins*

That's what you see when you look up into the sky

The house-part up to your left belongs to my room *bounce*

*bing* Oh, half of the pics are downloaded. I can play now gardener. Remember, it's always the gardener (or butler)...

P.S. If you want to request a graphic, click me

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