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Happy Easter ^-^

That is me after two and a half days of heavy, heavy family-and-friends siege (do you know how difficult it is to yawn while having shifty eyes at the same time? Very.)

On Thursday the grandparents of my sisters came, Maja and Ronja (best friends of my sisters), my uncle and aunt and their daughter. Anna is two years older than me but we have always so much fun togehter. Like throwing water-filled ballons... *grins* The same day my two brothers decided to occupy their old room (which looks now like they never left it *headesk*) and cause we had the best weather ever, we went one last time shopping and catching up on almost everything that happened in the last month.

In the evening we sat outside and grilled apples, bread, several vegetables and some other food. Very yummy ;) I love those times ♥
Some time around 2am we 'kids' as the olders like to refer to us went to bed. The girls in one room (Girls-night! Yeah, baby!!!) and the boys in their room. And because we love our brother so much, we woke them up at 6am with 'Boyfriend by Ashlee Simpson'. So a Kodiak moment *giggle* Still getting death glares from them...

Then yesterday we had a breakfast/big lunch at 10am again outside cause the parents of Maja and Ronja came and the table inside wasn't big enough for all of us *sigh* Got a leaf twice in my food *pokes leaf* Again very, very yummy food with eggs, bunny-like looking bread and so on. I especially liked the chocolate *bounce* We 'kids' were finished after 4 hours (I think. Lost track of time...) and then after a very democratic discussion we watched 'Chronicles of Narnia'. That movie is just as great as 'Harry Potter' although I like 'Narnia' a little bit more ^-^

Kinda forget what we did after that cause we did so much... anyway, (after a girls-giggling night) this morning again a big breakfast/lunch with with family and friends. Gotta love yummy tomatoes with jam *grins*

Now the younger girls are playing Sims on the Playstation and PC while Anna and I are catching up with emails and flists. She doesn't have a LJ but thinks about getting one *yay* Where the boys are I don't know and really don't care cause as long as they are not here, I'm safe *grins*

In two hours again yummy food and later Spring Cinema Night at our district. Meaning lots of 'kids' will come to the open air cinema and you will not really understand a thing of the movie cause everyone is talking to everyone at the same time *headdesk* BUT it's fun ^-^

So that was it so far. Feels like a marathon... kinda...

jr_moon: *tackle hugs* Pooh is so, so cute and the little paper-holder is awesome! Never had something like that before *bounce* And OMG chocolate!!! *loves you*

billy_red_ocean: You made me and half of my family supermegahappy with 'Ritter Sport' *grins* was eaten in less than half an hour *facepalm* Thank you so much, honey *loves you as well*

Now I have to catch up again with the flist. Had only some minutes the last two days to read my emails. See ya *huggle flist*

glitter textglitter textglitter textglitter textglitter text glitter textglitter textglitter textglitter textglitter textglitter text

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