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My first team vid *sigh*

Another result of enduring my sister's heavy GirlPowerSongs phase *nod* yep, I swear! Atlantis is now the boyfriend of the Earthling. Awwww, poor Wraith *pats them*

And again we have SPEEDgate Atlantis *headdesk* John and Rodney look weird when they are all speedy...

Title: Boyfriend
Artist: Ashlee Simpson
Summary: No, the Earthlings didn't steal the Wraith's boyfriend. Nope...
Pairing/Character: Team (vs Wraith!)
Spoiler: Season One and Two
Size: 20,1 mb

Please do the right-click and save-as thingy

Go, suck it, guys! Like it? Love it? Hate it? Don't know? Tell me ^-^
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