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Big City Life

Two hours ago I brought nessaja82 to the train which was 15 mins late *headdesk* As usual. She had the sun in tow cause the whole time she was here it never rained once *bounce*

We went from the newer parts of the town (Neustadt = Newtown) to the older parts (Altstadt = Oldtown), saw the little river, lots of clothes stores (I never realised that we have so many...), ate at Pizza Hut and talked about ships, fandoms, flummies and IF I WERE GAY *giggle fits*

nessaja82, I'm still looking for that song *cracks up* the weird thing is that my mom knows that song as well Ô_o So Jack Daniels song *nods*

She truely made my day *feels springly for the first time this year* Can't wait for our next meeting. Poor world *laughs* We are so going to rock again ♥

*tackle hug f'list* I think we can safely say that spring is here!!! *throws confetti again*
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