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So, today I'm not allowed to make fun of my younger brother *pouts* but that's ok cause I've got something that's worth weeks of not-making-fun of him *grins* (although I will call him Jacky forever *ha*)

Michelle: Hey, there's a heavy package!
Jacky: Where??? (then he stumbled and nearly hit the door *headdesk* 19 years and behaves like a 5-year-old)
Teh 3 Ms (Mona, Michelle & Me): *snicker* *snort* *cough*
Jacky: *glares*
3 Ms: *innocent look* (we took lessons with John!)
Jacky: Wow, that's for m... MERCY?!
Me: Me?
Mona: Wheee!
Jacky: It's my b-day and you get a gift???
Me: *snags package* Yup, sorry *so not feeling sorry*
Jacky: *sulks* (he looks like a fish when he does that...)
Me: *opens it* OMG so many chocolate-kisses *yummy*
Siblings: WOAH! Chocolate! Mussels! And stickers! *so jealous*
Me: *is in heaven* I think I'm going to visit Lori this year... she rocks! *dives into chocoland and shares holy chocolate with siblings*

lorettakay, you are wacko *nods* but that's why I love so much and worship you *tackle hugs* Your chocolate made my day *bounce* The mussels and pebbles are so beautiful! You totally rock my world, honey ♥

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