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Happy Birthday layout gift

♥ Happy Birthday, jr_moon

Here's a little gift for you, honey *huggles* I hope you had/have a wonderful day *throws confetti*

Jack/John Layout for S2 (The Rising)

About the Layout
Style: Flexible Squares
For: both paid and free users
Custom Colors: N/A
Website: N/A
Default Icon: One tiny icon
Best view: 1024x768 or higher
Compatible with: Firefox, IE


Please do not change any colors and the header. You don't have to use the icons though (and of course the FO banner if your journal isn't friends only).

Download the .zip-file and unzip it. Change the links of the pics in the CSS (background, header, seperator) to your own url.

Upload the CSS file and the pics to your website that allows hotlinking or a host ( for the CSS and for the pics)

Putting the CSS on your journal
1) Go to manage/customize and choose the S2 style system.
2) Choose "Flexible Squares" and hit "change".
3) Go to "Change Individual Settings" and hit the "customize" button.
4) Scroll down to the very bottom and there is "External Stylesheet URL".
5) Check the "override default" box and paste in the URL for your uploaded CSS file.
6) Hit save.
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