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Goggle Meme

I snagged this one from... LJ. That's all I know.

Do a Google image search for the following things and post the first image that comes up.

1. The age you'll be on you next birthday. (*stares* woah...)
2. Your favourite color. (Drum me baby!)
3. Your middle name. (Hee, Queen I am!)
4. Your last meal. (*giggle fits* bad boys, bad boys, whatch gonna do when they come for you...)
5. A bad habit of yours. (being a nice know-it-all *grins*)
6. Favourite fruit or vegetable.
7. Favourite animal.
8. Town where you were born.
9. Name of a current or past pet. (Michelle's bunny)
10. Best friend's name. (couldn't decide *huggles*)
11. Your first name. (hell, YES!!!)
12. Your surname. (I have no idea if we are related...)

This is so much fun *giggle*

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