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Sparky story - Taking Care

Title: Taking Care
Theme: #28 - Wada Calcium CD3
Category: Humor, Romance/Friendship
Rating: PG
Words: 522
Disclaimer: I don't own Stargate Atlantis or the characters. I'm just playing with them ;)
A/N: This was written for the 30_kisses community. In every of the 30 stories you have to include one kiss *grins*
A/N 2: Wada Calcium CD3 is a calcium supplement for the growing, the elderly, and those who don't get enough sunlight or fish.

"Here, take these."

In her field of vision a hand with two pills appeared, rolling them forth and back. Slowly her eyes followed the play of muscles, up to the face of person they belonged to.

"And these are...?"

"Pills." A grin spread over his face, making him look oh so much younger. She couldn't resist and had to smile back but not before rolling her eyes.

"I can see that. But what are they doing here?"

He hopped on her desk and scrutinized the pills for some seconds. Looking back at her, he offered them again.

"They want to be taken by you."

Faint blush creeped up to her cheeks and she had to avert her eyes from his knowing gaze. He knew exactly how to get her all flustered.

"Uhm, Colonel..." She fingered the edge of a report, trying desperately to find a way out of this... situation.

"Elizabeth, please, just take these and I'm gone."

Her head snapped up.

"John, I didn't... I don't..."

He gave her a reassuring smile, took gently her left hand and closed her fingers around the two pills.

"I know. And I know how much you hate pills and all that medical stuff. But you have to take care of you. You don't get enough sun cause you work every day in your office and Carson said you have a serious lack of calcium because of it. That's why you need to take the pills. And..."

John looked... unhappy as far as Elizabeth was able to tell. She didn't know that Carson had been talking to John about something like that. And what surprised her more was the fact that John apparently kept a close eye on her. She studied him as he went on about her carelessness and not for the first time she wondered what she had done to deserve such a good friend. She felt a smile tug at the corners of her lips as John gestured wildly and propped her head up on one hand. He was so cute.

"...and if you can't take care of yourself, I have to- What?" He stopped and eyed her suspiciously.

"Nothing. Just thinking how lucky I am."


She stood up and moved to stand infront of him.

"Thank you, John. For taking care of me. Even if I don't really need it." At that part John's eyebrow rose and he looked awfully smug. She shot him a stern look which he ignored on purpose.

"You, Dr. Weir, are the best in taking care of others, especially those under your command. But as soon as you have to look after yourself... you suck."

Pretending to be outraged, she smacked him on the arm and popped the pills into her mouth. Grabbing the glass of water John handed her, she drank it up at once.

"See? Took care alright of the pills!" Leaning towards John, she ghosted a kiss on his cheek, then turned on her heels and strolled out of her office.

John just sat there dumbfounded for some seconds before he reacted.

"Hey, I think you need some other pills as well!"

~ fin ~

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Tags: tv pairing: elizabeth/john (sparky)
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