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Tests, sisters, snow...

You know, usually our sunday ends with something yummy like chocolate or muffins and not with my sister coming into my room, screaming omgwtfIhaveatesttomorrowandcan'trememberanything or in other words: Help me or die!

*headdesk* I told her to start earlier with learning but she oly raised and eyebrow. Stupid little sister. At least I had my fun yesterday evening *evil grin* and hopefully her cute little brain remembers now everything...

On the other hand we are snowed. Totally (but not enough to make the kids stay at home *facpalm*). I don't even have to switch on the lamp in my room cause the snow infront of my window is like a gigant white light... *sigh* and cold *shiver* remind me to not touch it without proper safety measures.

I can't go out anyway cause I have one of my nosebleeding attacks again. The fifth in three days. My mom and I went to the doctor and apparently I have high brain activity that causes my nosebleeding Ô_o if they mean reading to much smut... *grins*

Oh and the Oscars were great! Ben Stiller knows how to flumm, nessaja82 and dana_cz!!! And lorettakay: They had penguins there *happy sigh* I love that documentary!

So, off to take pink pills again. See ya *huggles flist*
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