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Friends who rock and concerts

First of all I would like to thank lorettakay for her sweet Valentine's Day package *grins* so much red sweets and chocolate kisses and Micky Mouse loving!!! Now that it's raining like someone opened up heaven, I can sit at home and munch happily your and nessaja82's sweets *tackle hugs you both* You two rock!

And animegirl29 gets my whole Thank-You-So-Much-I-Love-You-Like-Woah package as well ^-^ Your gift rocks! Totally! You know how to cheer one up, girl *loves you* Thanks again ;)

5:00pm - Dad dropped us off at the back of the concert hall *facepalm* but as always I found one good thing *grins* the band... my sisters were all squeeing and because I'm a nice sisters I asked the boys if we could have autographs. They would only gave them if I gave them my phone number Ô.o now I have the phone numbers of them and they have mine *sigh* I'm a nice sisters, aren't I?
We talked a little and I have to say, the boys as humans are ok but as a band I so do not like them. Anyway we wanted to go to the front door (we would have had to wait more than an hour to get in!!!) but Bill (one of the boys) said we could use the back door *grins*

We entered the hall and I nearly got a heart attack. There were girls, 5 or 6, who were screaming like banshes *cringe* but why not? It's their voice *coughs*
After and hour of waiting (me reading a trashy romance novel) and showing off the autographs (my sisters) *roll eyes* Blog27 came on stage and performed. That was more to my liking ^-^ Didn't have to use my MP3 player *phew*

Then at 7:30pm, Tokio Hotel started their show and I listened to Stargate Atlantis Season 2 in MP3 format *biggrin* it's really cool to only hear everything. You have to imagine what else is happening. Esp in the hug and kiss scenes ;)

After 2 and a half hours, they were finished and I had a little ringing in my ears. Despite my MP3s, I heard some of the songs *coughs* Anyway, my sisters had fun, I had fun and the boys were throwing chocolate kisses into the screaming girly mess *giggle*
One girl had a life size paper puppet with her and was ogling it the whole time.

I was dead tired but the next day but the school of my sisters had their special Valentine's Day *sigh* half of the school had been at the concert and everyone looked a little... tired *grins* but nevertheless we were really enjoing it ♥

I hope all of you had a wonderful Valentine's Day ;) Love you, guys!
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