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Talk between siblings

Took place half an hour ago. Photographic memory has it good sides. Sometimes ^-^

Me: "AU."
Michelle: "Who?"
Mona: "You?"
Me: "No!" *eye rolling* "I'm talking about a new story."
Michelle: *gets all interested* "And what does Ahhhh Uhhhh has to do with that?"
Mona: *heard the word 'story' and shuts down* Not again...
Me & Michelle: *throwing popcorn at her*
Mona: *looks funny at us*
Me: "Anyway, there's this new community and *raising eyebrow* you know what a comm is, right?"
Michelle: *glaring*
Me: "Just asking. Ok, there is this comm, sg_plotbunnies, where you can post your plot bunny or snag one. And you remember two days ago? When I said I had a vision of a bad guys Stargate Atlantis?"
Michelle: "Oh, that one. That's cool."
Me: "Yeah, thought so. That would be AU and now I posted that idea over at the comm *looks proud*"
Michelle: "Can I see it?"
Me: "The post?"
Michelle: "The ideas."
Me: "They are in the post."
Michelle: "The post then."
Mona: *snickers*
Michelle: *grins*
Me: *poking Mona* be careful or I'm gonna stop tutoring you!"
Mona: "*surrenders* I'm off to find chocolate."
Michelle: "Geez, what are we? Chocolate addicts? *yelling after Mona* bring me the strawberry one!"
Me: "Wanna see the post now?"
Michelle: "Yup."
Me: "*does her magic* see, bad Lizzie. Hey, she will get a gun."
Michelle: "Didn't she has one already?"
Me: "That was in The Long Goodbye. The one where Lizzie and John were posessed."
Michelle: "And made out."
Me: "Off screen."
Michelle: "Riiiight."
Me: "They did! At least they got a mind-blowng kiss!"
Michelle: "That one was hot. Can we watch it again?"
Me: "The kiss?"
Michelle: "The episode."
Me: "Sure. Maybe we get some more ideas for our evil!SGA."
Michelle: "Evil is hot *nods* can we make Lizzie and John have a relationship?"
Me: "You've got it bad, sis."
Michelle: "It's all your fault!"
Me: *grins* "I know."
Michelle: "At least I can help you now with evil!SGA *looks smug*"
Me: *headdesk* "I created a monster."
Michelle: *pats me* "So, where do we start? Does our nice team meets them? evil!John could hit on nice!Liz and nice!John gets all jealous and protective."
Me: "Mmmm, sound great. Oh and I thought about evil!Liz and evil!John dropping through the Stargate..."

Long debate (that's still going but we had to interrupt cause we need chocolate) and we have some nifty ideas ;) *is off to plot some more*
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