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SGA - Elizabeth/John drablets

I blame this thoroughly on my sister and our desperate wish to see Elizabeth and John as... something *nods* we are still way too high on adrenaline *bounce*

Btw we suck at titles. Always did and always do. And we decided to call these short stories drablets cause we are not sure what else they are.

Title: Anniversary
Author: Mercy/Michelle
Rating: PG
Summery: Too short for a summery >.<
A/N: I like pink. I really do but we threw the dice and it choose pink. Sorry *hides*

John's steps slowed down as he neared her office. A smile tugged at the corners of his mouth as he watched Elizabeth, the woman to whom he had been married for ten years, sorting through a mountain of PDAs.

The smile faded a little as he remembered their tenth anniversary. Everything had been perfect but then... He sighed and tugged at his shirt.

Cautionly he stepped inside and knocked on the doorframe.


Elizabeth looked up. "General? Can I help you?" Her eyes slowly moved his body up and down, until they met his. She raised an eyebrow.

John shuffled on his feet, her look making him nervous. "I..." He cleared his throat and straightened up. "Ma'am, I'm here to escort you."

The eyebrow rose higher and John had no other chance but to use the full power of the Sheppard smile. She stood up and walked up to him, all the while looking him in the eyes.

"And to where do you plan to escort me?"

John's grin widened as he saw the twinkle in her eyes.

"To your party. Ma'am."

Elizabeth reached out and caressed his chest. "No pink?"

"No pink."

She patted his arm as she linked her hands. "Except you shirt. Should teach you a lesson, John." The full force of the famous Elizabeth grin hit him and he could only chuckle.

"It did, Ma'am. Never again a pink anniversary."

He sneaked an arm around her middle and snatched her out of her office, down to the party. Even if he had to wear a pink shirt, he was still the luckiest man in Atlantis because for one full minute now was he married eleven years to his beautiful and wonderful wife, Dr. Elizabeth Sheppard.

"Happy Anniversary, honey."

~ fin ~

Title: Jealousy
Author: Mercy/Michelle
Rating: PG-13
Summery: Guh, too short.
A/N: *closes her eyes* Just read.

John's jaw hit the floor. Figuratively spoken, of course. But as Elizabeth kissed the young man, John nearly chocked on his chocolate bar. What the hell happened to 'till death do us part?' and 'be faithful to him'? He watched with grim fascination as the young man ruffled Elizabeth's hair and their laughter filled the rooms.

Glaring at the amused Technican, he straightened up and crossed the bridge to Elizabeth's office.

"Doctor. Whatcha doing?" Damn, he sounded like a jealous teenager.

Fanning herself, Elizabeth turned her head up to look at John and gave him his smile, the one that was only directed at him. And it worked its magic as always. His anger slowly dissolved and he couldn't resist smiling back. But he still glared at the joined hands of Elizabeth and the young man.

"Oh, we were just discussing your latest... adventure." Both started giggling again.

John huffed and crossed his arms. "And what is so funny about it?" He pouted.

"Awww, John." Elizabeth reached out and grapsed John's wrist, tugged gently at it until he had to sit down on the ground as well. "Don't pout. Although you look really cute when you do it..." He hand trailed up until it rested at his nape where her fingers slowly began to play with his hair.

John shuddered as sparks of pleasure shot through him and he leaned into her caress. One of his hands blindly reached for hers and to his surprise she let go of the young man's hand and met his halfway.

"Ewww, could you please get a room? Here are KIDS."

John shot daggers at the offended boy. "Alex, go and niggle Uncle Rodney. Your mom and I have to talk about my latest... adventure and certain oaths...."

"Yeah. Sure." Rolling his eyes their son left the office, muttering something along the line of 'behaving like rabbits and hormone-controlled teenagers'.

Elizabeth escaped another giggle and John smirked.

"Soooo, where were we, Doctor Sheppard?"

~ fin ~

Comments are love. We should make a colorbar with that slogan *sisters skitter off to plot more*
Tags: tv pairing: elizabeth/john, tv show: stargate atlantis

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