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I'm still alive (I think..)

*closes eyes, counts down from 10, opens eyes and headdesks* I just have a few minutes cause I have to babysit my sisters and since Friday I had only a few minutes to knock on the doors of your posts *sigh* Don't think I forget about you, okies? But sisters can be very, very impatient if they don't get all the attention they think they have to get *heavy sigh*

So, hopefully tomorrow evening I'm in my own room (and at my own laptop) again cause this old pc sucks *glares* Ohhh, sis calls. We're making a midnight snack and watch 24 (the 4th season) again. Lemme tell ya, this season of 24 rocks. Totally. Best season ever.

*sticks tongue out at sis* I'm coming! Bye *loves flist*

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