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Part Two of 'In Our Drakest Hour'

Title: In Our Darkest Hour
Author: Mercy
Rating: NC-17 (M)
Spoiler: Not really cause this is my own version of 'The Long Goodbye'
Word count: 11546
Summery: After a mission John is possed by an evil spirit who wants to take revenge. Elizabeth has to blend with a spirit as well to be able to fight him.
A/N: I started writing this fic before TLG was aired. That's why this is my own version of it. It was supposed to be a Christmas gift for dana_cz but due to some weird things it's now a birthday fic for her ^-^
In the end it got a little fluffy but I still hope you like it, oh Wacko One.
Please have mercy with me cause this is my first really long fic that is supposed to have a plot and porn at the same time

(In Our Darkest Hour - Part One)

Only as Elizabeth was alone and all but neraly on Level 14, she felt some of the tension leave her body. Infront of the others she didn’t want to show her insecurity, her fear of possible failure and above all of that, her feelings for John that run deeper as the sea of Atlantis.

But she had to push these thoughts aside, they were not needed now. She had to be strong now. Important was that she found John.

The dim corridors with their shadows, the possible danger hidden in them, sparked a surge of adrenalin in her body, sharpened all of her senses. She felt her hands getting clammy and wiped them off at her pants but the chilly feeling didn’t want to leave.

‘This feeling...’

‘He is near...’ Elizabeth barely felt that it was Shamira who answered. They had become one.

A low sound made her whirl around, the blade drawn in a fluid motion. Anxiously she searched the darkness to her left, tried to see through it. Finding nothing but yet staying on high alert, Elizabeth crept forward, towards Section 6.

John was there. She sensed that. Gripping the blade tighter, she slowly moved up to the entrance. Only Shamira’s fighting skills were the reason why Elizabeth was able to block John’s attack. She snarled, quite feline in manner, but John gave only a harsh laugh.

“Don’t think you can win, bitch!” He sneered, his eyes a black pool of hatred.

Elizabeth looked up at him with absolutely no fear. “Wanna bet?” She mocked and before John was able to react she gripped his arm hard, twisted it behind his back until John gritted his teeth at the pain and had to get down on his knees to ease the pressure. Throwing his head back against Elizabeth, he tried to hit her but she was faster.

“Ah ah, not so fast.” She pressed the cold blade into John’s throat, forcing him to bend his head back, forcing him to look up at her.

“You little-” He hissed as Elizabeth increased the pressure, cutting him. His back arched and a small amount of blood seeped out, run down John’s throat into his shirt.

“Are you happy now?” He asked in a coarse voice. “The great Elizabeth Weir can make me suffer again!”

She leaned down until her breath ruffled his hair, until she could see the different shades of silvergreen in his eyes. A sure sign that John and Roi were now one and the same person.

“Why won’t you listen to me? Do you trust me so little?” She whispered softly, her eyes sad and disappointed.

“You were and are just playing me. Why shouldn’t I do the same?” Gripping with his free hand the back of her neck, he yanked her forward, making her lose the blade. Elizabeth growled, struck out at John but he caught it reflexively in his hand and flipped her over. With a muffled cry Elizabeth landed on her back, getting the air knocked out of her.

She tried to sramble away but John grasped her feet, pulled her back forcefully until he was able to push her body into the ground with his. The blade was forgotten for the moment.

Looking like the smug damn bastard he was, John grinned down at Elizabeth. She bared her teeth at him.

“You bast-”

“Ah! Language, Dr. Weir.” Pinning her wrists to the ground, John felt grim satisfaction at the flash of pain that crossed her face.

“How does it feel to suffer, Lizzie? It sucks, does-”

“I didn’t want marry him, John. And neither did I went to dinner with him.” Straight to the point. And it had the desired effect. For a moment John was thrown off balance, the mask of the hatred slipping but in the next second it slid back into place.

Tightening the grip on her arms, nearly to the point of pain, he leaned down. “Do you think I care? Do. You. Really. Think. I. Care?” Every word was puncured by a hard move of his hips into hers, his tone low and deadly.

Elizabeth bit her lower lip in the hopeless attempt to stop the quiet moan from escaping her, tried to turn her head aside to avoid his scrutinizing eyes but John cupped her chin. A cold smile played around the corners of his mouth.

“You see, I don‘t. Every man turns you on.” He licked her lips. “All I have to do is... this.” And he pressed his hard and long and thick length to her center, rocked forcefully against her, making her cry out against his lips.

“John, god... don... DON‘T!”

And he froze. His eyes found hers, silver-green locked with gold-green, in a silent battle in which Elizabeth had the upper hand. She had found the blade again.

Without a trembling hand she pressed the blade for the second time against John‘s throat.

“This is getting old.” She shrugged slightly, the move scrapping the blade over his skin, sending shivers down his back. They were echoed by Elizabeth‘s body and she had to grasp the blade tighter to suppress her reaction.

“You give me no other choice, John.” A strangled laugh escaped his lips. Elizabeth slowly sat up, forcing John to do the same, all the while keeping an eye and the blade on him. They were mere inches apart as Elizabeth got on her knees, sitting between John’s legs. She could feel his anger radiate from him, see the darkening of his eyes and the twitching of his hands.

“Raise you hands and get up.” She ordered him as she carefully stood up and looked down on him. As John didn‘t followed her command at once, she arched an eyebrow and nudged him with the blade. Smirking at Elizabeth, John slowly arose and suddenly they were nearly chest to chest, the blade the only thing seperating them. His close proximity, him just being him, threatened to overwhelm her but she had to be strong if she wanted to end all this.

He raised his hands nochalantly, mocking Elizabeth. “And now? What is the great Elizabeth Weir planning?”

Ignoring his snide remark, she used her free hand to reach around John and searched for his gun that was tugged into his waistband. Her move brought them even closer together and the air between them got thicker. Her fingers grazed his skin as she tugged at the gun and she rather felt than saw his intake of breath, the tensing of his muscles and was prepared for his comment.

"My, we are confident, aren't we?" Elizabeth looked for a moment at him and then shook her head. Letting the gun fall to the floor, she pushed it out of reach with her foot. "Move to the wall." Hard eyes stared defiantly back at her. Rolling her eyes at John's very mature behaviour, she spoke deliberately slowly.

"I just want to talk to you and it will be much easier for me when I know you can't walk away. Now move, Colonel." Pushing him backwards, steering him to the nearest wall until he hit it with his back. The dim light in the room was enough to let Elizabeth see the hard lines of John's face. The face of a man full of anger and hurt.

"Oh, John." She reached out with her hand, wanting to touch his cheek but John jerked away and her hand fell limply back to her side, still itching to feel the texture of his skin.

"Don't. Touch. Me!"

Elizabeth narrowed her eyes. Ooookay. He didn't want to listen? Fine! He didn't want her to touch him? Too bad because she, Elizabeth Weir, knew how to get her men to do what she wanted.

Letting a sultry smile gracing her lips she closed the distance between them, causing John to press himself even more back into the wall. He eyed her advancing suspiciously, not once losing sight of her or her blade. But as her tongue sneaked out, wetted her lips in a sensual move, John groaned and turned his head away.

"Stop it. It won't work on-" His words were cut short the moment Elizabeth's breath hit his face, stirring emotions he shouldn't be feeling at all. She just stood there, giving him such a beautiful smile and in her eyes... John brushed a hand across his face, covered his eyes to escape the intense storm of emotions in Elizabeth's eyes.

He tensed as he felt her fingertips touching his forearm, trailing up and down, caressing his skin. It was hypnotizing and he still couldn't look at her. That was why he completely missed Elizabeth's smug smile. Still stroking the tense muscles, she carefully sheathed her blade and before John knew what hit him, grasped his left wrist, yanked it upward and put him in the chains that were hanging from the wall. John's head snapped around and he all but looked bewildered. Taking advantage of his confusion, Elizabeth was able to chain his other wrist up as well. Just in time because in the next moment John jumped forward, baring his teeth like a wolf but the chains stopped his attack and he was yanked backwards.

A flush of curses, some of them would have made the toughest sailors blush, was heard as John rattled on the chains, tearing at them, straining his muscles in an attempt to burst them. Elizabeth stood a safe distance away and watched him. She hated to see him like this but what else could she have done?

After several minutes of heavy swearing and pulling at the chains, John gave finally up. The back of his head thuded against the wall and he observed her through hooded eyes, his arms stretched above his head, muscles taut with pent-up emotions. He presented a magnificent image.

'Indeed. Very magnificent.' Elizabeth thought, staring at the play of the muscles of John's chest. Her hand itched again, wanted to reach out and follow the hard lines, wanted to caress them, wante- Elizabeth shook her head, trying to get rid of these... distracting thoughts.

"And now?" John leaned his head forward, a sneer on his lips and a guarded look in his eyes. "Will you torture me?" Elizabeth didn't answered but let her eyes roam John's body, making his body twitch in response to her hot gaze. His brain however screamed at him to escape NOW!



And then was her hot mouth on his, her hands cupped his head between them and she kissed him, hard and yet soft, a dance of lips against lips... John groaned, the sound rumbled in his chest, vibrated through his body and elicited a shiver from Elizabeth. He wanted to move his head away but Elizabeth would have nothing of that. He tried to resist her, tried to stop his body from reacting, from taking part in the wonderful swirl of emotions that made it nearly impossible to think clear. But then Elizabeth's tongue begged for entry, slowly caressing his lower lip, then nipping at it, making John clutch the chains hard. There was no way in hell he would give in, no way, no-

She stepped closer if that was even possible, right up to him, breast to chest and hips to hips, pressing into him in all the right places. One of her hands moved to the back of his head and began to play with the hair at the nape of his neck but not once giving him a chance to move away. The fingertips of her other hand slowly caressed the contour of his ear and John gasped against her lips. Elizabeth took the opertunity to invade im with her tongue, thrusting into his mouth, as she tasted him. It was that moment when John lost himself in the storm of feeling, closed his eyes and saw only one thought blinking like a flashlight before is eyes: More. Oh god, more. Mo... And then cold air hit his tingling lips.

His eyes snapped open and immediatly fell on her swollen lips. They were shining in the dim light and John was overcome by mixed feelings, pride that he had done this to her and disgust that he coudn't resist her, that he wanted more. Her hand didn't stop stroking his ear as the other made its way down to his chest, tracing patterns on his shirt. He looked up into her eyes and he growled as he found a smug-looking Elizabeth staring back at him.

"Ya really think, that was enough to make me surrender?"

Elizabeth grinned confidently and ignored his remark. Now she knew that John wasn't as immune against her as he wanted her to believe. Leaning in on him she whispered softly against his lips.

"Well, then... I have to take the torture to another level..."

Slowly her hand trailed down, over his abs, making him tense in response. She didn't let her eyes drop from his as she stopped her journey for a moment and followed the lines of the muscles, memorizing them. Ever since she had seen him without shirt, the day he had been attacked by a bug, they were bearing a strange fascination on her. John's grip on the chains tightened. This was not going like he had planned. No, in fact, it was like they had a made U-turn on the road of revenge and once again he was the one who suffered. Although it wasn't really... a bad kind of... suffering... His mind shut up as Elizabeth's hand reached the hem of his shirt and tugged it out of his pants. He swallowed hard.

"Do you remember the day in the train rooms?" Slightly cool fingers met hot, sweaty skin. "Your beautiful hands were touching me like I am now you..." Her hand abandoned his ear and John couldn't stop the small groan from escaping his lips.

"Stop..." But it came out more like a plea for continuing this sweet torture and Elizabeth knew it. She reached for her blade and for a short moment John felt fear creeping up his spine but as his eyes sought out hers and saw the wicked gleam in them, he knew that whatever would happen next, it had absolutely nothing to do with hurting him in that way. More like the other kind of hurting...

"You were so fierce..." In a swift move she had cut up his shirt, baring his magnificent torso to her burning gaze. "So manly and hot..." Letting the blade fall to the ground, Elizabeth used both hands to explore John's chest, learning every curve, every detail of him, what made him gasp "Oh, god..." and what made him squirm and call out for her "Elizabeth..." in that husky voice of his that aroused her even more.

Leaning forward, she breathed in his smell, nuzzled her nose against his chest and her tongue sneaked out to taste what she had wanted to taste for centuries.

John hissed at the wet sensation, his blood rushing so fast south that he felt light-headed. His pants suddenly become uncomfortable tight as his erection demanded to be taken care off. This was the worst torture ever.

"I wanted to taste you for so long, John." She murmered against his chest, nipping him here and there, kissing it better the next second causing John to arche his back. His eyes slid shut and he turned his head to muffle the groans in his upper arm.

Elizabeth lifted her head and watched John as he turned to look back at her, desire, lust and something she didn't yet dared to call love were visible in his eyes, burning Elizabeth. With one hand she touched his cheek and this time John didn't jerked away.

Softly kissing him, she spoke against his lips.

"Keleb threatened to kill you if I hadn't agreed to marry him. I couldn't let him do that to you, John." Gently she touched the small cut at his throat. "I never wanted to hurt you. Never, John." Honesty shone from her eyes mixed sadness and despair. "You are the one I love. Now and forever. Not Colonel Caldwell, not Keleb. Neither of them could hold hold a candle to you."

"Elizabeth, I didn't... it's difficult... for me..." John's voice was hoarse, full of emotion as it broke.

Elizabeth silenced his words by pressing a finger against his lips, tracing them. He took a deep breath, trying to focus and not get lost in the heat of their desire.

"I know what you mean, John. And I wish it wouldn't be so difficult." She sighed and looked aside. John slumped against the wall and observed her. Despite his anger he had to admit that Elizabeth was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. One that didn't back down but fought for what she wanted. And right now she wanted him. His trust that had been shattered so many centuries ago, his love that had been torn from his heart the second he heard Caldwell asking her to dine with him. What she didn't know was that his trust and love had never been gone completely. Sure, he had been furious and felt more than belied at her actions but deep down, he had always trusted and most of all loved her.

And now, after she had bared her soul to him, the truth about the past, her true feelings, laid them in his hands...

Elizabeth froze. Slowly she turned her head and stared confused at John who softly kissed her finger. A boyish grin appeared as he saw her bewildered look and he took up a relaxed pose against the wall, his arms stretched above, like the first time.

"Is that all you can do?" Now it was him who openly let his eyes roam Elizabeth body, making her blush. "That wasn't what I call torture..." He let the rest of the sentences hanging in the air.

It took Elizabeth only seconds before she understood what John meant. Quashing down the euphoric feeling that threatended to overcome her, she smirked at John.

"Oh, you don't?" She raised an eyebrow and looked at his arousal that was very prominent. "You still won't surrender?" Her hands found their way again to his chest, playing with the hair they encountered there.

"No." Came the husky reply.

She looked John in the eyes and smiled in the most sensual way as she softly scraped her fingertips along his abdomen and then lower. John hissed as he felt himself harden even more, his erection throbbing with lust, just like his body.

"Let's take it to Level 3, shall we?" Elizabeth murmered into his ear, nipping at the lope. Bringing her lower part in full contact with his, let another rush of arousal blaze up. Rocking into him, Elizabeth moaned low, rubbing her breast against his naked chest and oh god, this was...

"John..." She sounded so out of breath but she didn't mind. The delicious friction, the wonderful feeling of his hard length where she wanted it most, was all that counted. And then was her mouth once more on his, sweet and urgent but this time John took the lead, his mouth loving her like he wanted to make lo-

"Release me." His breathing was harsh against her lips. "Release me and I will show you what real torture is..." He nipped at her skin and a small moan, barely audible, escaped Elizabeth.

"I... oh god... do-don't have a... John... a key..."

"Use the gun." Elizabeth moved out fo teh range of his devilish mouth, staring with big eyes at him.


John nodded at the phaser gun in the corner. "Use it. But don't shoot me." He added playfully.

Elizabeth smacked him on the arm and glared at him. "That was not funny, Colonel." But she followed his suggestion and bend down to retrieve the gun, giving John a very nice view of her backside.

"Heaven help me but I want you, Elizabeth. Now." She turned around and was in an instant right infront of him.

"You're not the only one." And gone were the restraints, leaving John with new armbands.

The second his hands were free, they grasped Elizabeth and hauled her up against him. One hand grasped the back of her neck in a tight grip and he pressed his lips firmly on hers, leaving his first mark on her. Her arms circled around his neck, her hands tangled in his hair.

Without breaking contact he moved them down until Elizabeth was lying beneath his body. His hands, finally able to touch her, roamed her body, exploring her, making her arch, making her clutch at his back, his hair, every part of his body she could reach.

As his hand found a particular spot, the one right under left breast, Elizabeth wrenched with a cry her lips from his and John felt a primal feeling of power surge through his vains.

"John!" Her impatient fingers tore at his ripped shirt, telling him to loose it as soon as possible. He sat up on his knees and started to shed his shirt as he felt Elizabeth's hands assiting him. Within seconds it was gone.

"I think you're overdressed, Doctor." John grinned at Elizabeth and fingered at the hemline of her top. Without waiting for a response he tore it over her head and stopped. He just sat there staring at her. Elizabeth furrowed her brows.

"John?" He didn't answered but continued staring at her. It made her uncomfortable and she wanted to cross her arms over her bare chest but John block her move. With on hand he reached out and touched her shoulderblade. Elizabeth flinched and John's eyes darkened and hardened. He violently pulled his hand back and he shook with anger as he balled it to a fist.

"I'm sorry, Elizabeth. So sorry..." She had completely forgotten about the bruise he had given her that morning. By the look in his eyes it had to look ugly but to her it was unimportant. They all beared scars from their fighting, visible and not so visible ones. But they would heal. All of them.

"John. Look at me." Tearing his eyes off of the bruise, his eyes found hers and Elizabeth saw the pain in them. "Oh, John..." She took his hand in hers, caressed it with her fingers and smiled at him. "This is nothing more than a bruise. It will heal." Putting his hand on the bruise, she sent a smoldering, hot look at him. "And I would be lying if I said that I didn't find the idea of... bearing your mark appealing."

John growled at her words and in a flash Elizabeth was again on her back on the ground, the burning gaze of a hot and sweaty Colonel boring into her.

"The next time I bite you, will be because I want to mark you." He bend down and softly kissed the bruise. "Not hurt you." Elizabeth moaned and her hands flew up to his back, holding him to her.

He blew over her skin as he made his journey from her shoulders to her breasts, leaving goosebumps in its wake. Soothing them with with open-mouthed kisses, he reduced Elizabeth vocabulary to nothing more than a monosyllabic one. With one word being always there.

"John... more..." He grinned against her skin. Tantalizing slowly, inch for inch, he neared her breasts, licking at the underside of one, switching to the other to nip at it but never taking her nipples into his mouth.

Elizabeth gave a frustrated sound and digged her fingers deeper into his skin, arching against him at the same time. John groaned and rocked against her pelvis, his hard penis pushing against her pelvis.

Using his hands to urge Elizabeth to open her legs, he slid in between them. He braced his hands near her head and looked down at her. Her lips were swollen from his attack, her hair was anything but dishevelled and her eyes... her beautiful green-gold eyes looked up at him with love and trust. He had never felt more at home.

Elizabeth lifted a hand and gently touched his cheek. "Why are you crying, John?" She showed him her finger and indeed, there was wetness.

"I..." Giving one her Property-of-John-Sheppard-smiles, she slowly put the finger to her mouth and tasted his tears. His jaw actually dropped and he was tempted to take her right then and there.

"God, Elizabeth..."

"Make love to me, John." She gripped his neck and pulled him down to her, kissing his tears away. "Please..."


Her lips found his, her tongue coaxing his mouth to open and she didn't had to beg long. The moment their tongues met, they were lost. John ravished her mouth, claimed her as his, drove her to new heigths, explored her and Elizabeth return the favour with equal force.

His hands followed the outline of her pants, caressing her through them and Elizabeth lost herself in the feeling of his kiss and hand. Her hands buried in his hair, clutching it in the same rythm he used to drive her crazy and suddenly her pants where gone and his hand was touching her right there.

Elizabeth threw her head back, panting, begging for more, more of him. John forget everything but the hot and sexy woman infront of him, his fingers stroking her clit, feeling the wetness, feeling how aroused she was. Aroused because of him.

He licked and sucked at her throat, then moved down to her breasts and finally took her erect nipples into his mouth, flickering his tongue against the hard peaks. By now Elizabeth was almost moaning with every breath and as he reached her tights, she was a boneless mess. Elizabeth had never felt more turned on. All she could do was hang on and enjoy the ride.

John watched fascinated as his fingers parted her glistening lips and he bend his head down. Slowly he dipped his tongue in her opening while his fingers still stroked the little bundle of nerves. He tasted her, felt the tremors running through her at his action. He looked up at her.

"You're so wet, Lizzie." Elizabeth eyes flew to his, clouded with desire and he choose that moment to thrust three fingers into her.

"JOHN!" She screamed in a hoarse voice, her hips bucked against his hand, her fingers tightened their grip on him to the point of pain and god, she was so hot when she came undone. John hungrily lapped up her juices and he had to move an arm across her hips as she arched against his mouth for a second time, experiencing a weaker orgasm, crying out again.

He continued his ministrations as she rode the last waves of pleasure, only stopping when her cries subsided.

Crawling up her body, he kissed her gently, removing some of her curls that stuck to her overheated, sweaty skin. "Elizabeth?" She opened her eyes slowly, giving him a sultry smile.

"Mmmm..." Her hands travelled from where they had been tangled in his hair to his front. "That was..." Her hands moved down to his pants. "... incredible." And gave him a hard squeeze. John hissed and Elizabeth used his momentarily distraction to hook a leg around his and roll them over.

"Amazing." Smirking down at him, she pinned his wrists above his head. She leaned down to kiss him, first gentle and loving but soon it became a hard, very hot and erotic kiss. Tongues duelled as she slid down his body until her naked crotch was sitting right above his erection. Grounding down on him, she swallowed his groan. Rocking back and forth, the material of his pants rubbing against her sensitive skin, she felt him swelling, pushing against her very core and she felt herself getting wetter.

With a considerable effort, John pried his lips away from hers. "Elizzzzz... god!" She nipped at his little nubs, biting them gently as she increased the pressure on his penis.

"Yes, John?" She replied and slipped down to kneel between his legs. Running her hands up his tights, they came to rest lightly on his crotch. His reaction was immediately.

"Elizabeth!" John growled, writhing under her talented fingers that lowered his fly and pulled his pants down and off.

"Elizabeth, I don't think-" All coherent thoughts flew from his mind as he felt her hot mouth engulfed his length. John groaned low, gripping a handfull of Elizabeth's hair, encouraging her to continue. She took him even deeper in her mouth, sucking gently before lightly scraping her teeth over his sensitive flesh. Slowly her mouth began to move up and down, her tongue pressing against the underside of his penis, licking off the small amount of pre-cum. She hummed at the delicious taste of him. It was more than John's body could take and before he could warn Elizabeth, he experienced one of the most intensive orgasm he ever had. He roared, clutched her head with a steel hard grip, and erupted into her hot mouth.

She swallowed every bit of his cum and gave him one last loving lick as she pulled away. John looked up at her with half-lided eyes and he groaned as he felt the need for her rise again as she licked the last drop of his cum off her lips.

Eliazbeth's eyes dropped down to his formerly softened length that was now swelling again under her hot gaze. She lifted an eyebrow and looked pointly at his impressive erection.

"What can I say?" John reached for her and drew her to his chest. "You are like a drug." He rolled them around and nudged between her legs with his erection. "I can't get enough of you." Elizabeth's eyes darkened and she shifted her legs wider to accommodate him better.

Thze second she had found a comfortable postion, John slid slowly into her. Their foreplay ahd made ehr so weta that she was able to take him fully on the first trust. Both groaned at finally being one. John stilled himself as he leaned down, leisurely kissing her, enjoying the feeling of her warmth around him and his hard length filling her like no one had ever before. As the kiss deepened, he slid his hands up her sides, along her arms until they found hers, entwining their fingers. John began slowly, tantalizing slowly, to trust into her, his eyes never leaving hers.

Elizabeth arched her back, taking him deeper into her until it felt like they had been fused.

"Deeper, John..."

Grunting his approval her thrusted deeper and harder into her. He could tell that Elizabeth liked it, she met him trust for trust, her hot breath hitting his face everytime she exhaled, a mewing sound escaping her lips. They were both sweating from the exertion, groaning and moaning from the delicious feelings of their joining, the only sound in the room.

Suddenly Elizabeth's fingers tightened around his and John pressed his mouth on hers, swallowing her cry as she climaxed hard, her inner muscles contracting violently around him, triggering his own release and he trusted into her one last time, burying himself deep within her as he came hard, moaning her name.

John collapsed on top of her, nuzzling her neck, kissing her skin there. Elizabeth released his fingers and embraced his naked form, pressing him to her.

"I love you."

He lifted his head and took her in. Her cheeks were flushed, her mouth thoroughly kissed and her eyes, the window to her soul, shone with love. Smiling down at her, he answered.

"I love you, too."


"We should get back to the others." They were still basking in the afterglow of love making, Elizabeth stroking his back while John's head lay on her chest, his hand drawing circles on her hipbone.

"Yeah, we should." John sighed and fished for their clothes. Handing Elizabeth hers, they both got dressed, glancing at each other and John couldn't resist stealing a kiss from Elizabeth that left both a little breathless.

As John held his ripped shirt in his hands, he looked pointly at Elizabeth who blushed.

"I-I... uhm..." She looked away embarrassed and picked at her shirt.

John stepped up to her and lifted her head. "I liked it. But we shouldn't do it too often." He grinned down at her and Elizabeth blush deepened.

"Colonel!" She tried to look indignantly but the twinkle in her eyes told John otherwise.

Her face became serious as she grasped his hands. "Are, will we be ok, John? I mean what just happened between us, that were we or not?"

"Yes, we, Elizabeth and John. Roi and Shamira are now a part of us but nothing more. They are not us."

Elizabeth breathed a sign of relief. "Then the old priestess was right. Some things may be a little different but essentially we are we. Did you know that I'm starting to like blue as well? Especially if you're wearing nothing but-"

She stopped apruptly as she became aware of what she just had said. Hastily she let go of his hands and took a step back.

"Ehm, what I meant was... not you... but it would..." Her voice trailed off as she saw John's dark eyes.

"Interesting fantasy, Dr. Weir." He said in a husky voice. "Maybe we can work on that. I have some fantasies of my own..."

He pulled her head up for a long, leisurely kiss.


Hand in hand they walked through the corridors of Atlantis. Both looking a little... dishevelled but glowing with happiness that nearly blended Rodney as they entered the Gate Room.

"Oh my... are you... you again, Sheppard? And what the hell did you two do???"

John grinned down at Elizabeth.

"Yup, I'm so me again. And nothing."

Rodney chocked and turned to Elizabeth.

"Please tell me you didn't do what I think you did..."

"When you think what I think you think then: Yes, we did."

Leaving a frozen Rodney behind they turned to the doors, in direction of John's quarters.

"Colonel Caldwell? Everything is under control. Colonel Sheppard is back to his normal self."

The last thing they heard was Rodney hitting the ground.


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